1.  Q:How is the name of offshore company proposed?
    A:Generally speaking, company name should include wordings such as “Limited”, “Corporation”, or simplified “Ltd.”, “Corp.” or “Inc.”. If the proposed company name is the same as any registered company name, it cannot be registered. Moreover, the company name generally cannot contain “Bank”, “Insurance” or other words with similar meaning.

2. Q:Can the name of an offshore company written in Chinese characters?
    A:Yes, in certain countries, for example, in BVI, Cayman Islands, Samoa, Chinese characters can be used as company name.

3. Q:What is the minimum amount of registered capital?
    A:The amount of registered capital of an offshore company depends on the requirements of the scale of operation and the purpose. The requirements for registered capital may vary in different countries.

4.  Q:Is the information of the company’s directors and shareholders available to others?
     A:The laws in most places of offshore company incorporated do not require publicizing the identity of shareholders and directors and other material information. Therefore, it is not available to others.

5. Q:What are the advantages of offshore company Incorporation?
    A:Advantages of offshore company Incorporation are as follows:

  • Simple registration procedure, low cost and no need for capital verification
  • Free circulation of foreign exchange
  • Lawful tax litigation
  • Simple company maintenance
  • High confidentiality of registration information and documents
  • No scope of business or limitation of geographic coverage

6. Q:What are the requirements for an offshore company to open a bank account?
    A:The following notarized copies issued by accountant or lawyer to be provided:

  • Register of shareholders and directors
  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • Articles of association
  • Certificate of Incumbency
  • Proof of director’s personal address (i.e. utility bill, telephone bill and others)
  • Certificate of good standing of the company (issued by local government)

7. Q:Does the information of shareholders and directors of an offshore company need to be filed with local government?
    A:No. Most offshore companies need only to file the information of directors or shareholders with local agent.


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