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Cayman Islands Company


Official Name:
Cayman Islands
George Town, Grand Cayman
Official Language:
Cayman Islands dollar, US Dollar
Main Industry:
Offshore Financial Services

Advantages of Cayman Islands Company Incorporation

  • Absence of direct taxation, can enjoy the same tax-free status as individuals regardless of nationality
  • Political and racial stability
  • Freedom of trade and no restriction on transact business in any part of the world
  • No exchange control and no restrictions on the movement of funds
  • Efficient postal services to the United States, Europe and other parts of the world
  • Confidentiality of business transactions is strictly observed
  • Companies can use with Chinese names

General Requirements

Ordinary Companies

– Must file Memorandum of Association with the Register of Companies
– Must have at least one director and shareholder
– Required to hold at least one shareholder meeting every year
– Must file an annual report with the Registrar of Companies

Exempt Companies

– No requirement to file details of the shareholders in any public registry
– Must have at least one director and shareholder
– Must have directors’ meeting each year
– An annual return must be filed
– No requirement to file accounts
– Required by law to conduct the due diligence
– Must have a registered office provided by a licensed services provider

Standard Authorized Capital

USD 50,000

Required Information and Time for Incorporation

  • Company Name (with or without Chinese Name)
  • Certified True copies of ID cards or passports of shareholders and directors
  • The contact method of directors and shareholders
  • Address proof of shareholders and directors
  • Reference letter
  • Registration of company (requires 1 month)

Annual License Fees

Payable in each year following the year of incorporation before 31 December.

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